Taking the Bainbridge Ferry.
Rainbow at Tod Inlet.

Our Previous Adventures

We are David Devere and Sara Duke: travelers, adventurers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of living a full life.  We have traveled extensively and started traveling together after meeting while working for the United States Antarctic Program from 1995 and 1999.

In 2003 we started a small publishing company, On-Word Bound Books. Once the heavy design and marketing of a book is complete and hopefully successful, publishing didn’t keep us completely busy so we both continued to work outside of publishing on personal interests and new projects.

Sara taught yoga in various studios and businesses around Duluth and around the country for 9 years and has a passion for Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. See her website, Do Restorative Yoga, and blog for more information.

David enjoys history, culture, food and wine. These interests led him to earn a Certified Specialist of Wine accreditation from the Society of Wine Educators in 2012. A trip in 2011 on the Canal du Midi in the South of France was such an enjoyable experience he redoubled his efforts toward helping people explore, taste, and travel our beautiful blue planet.

This launched us into a new entrepreneurial adventure, guiding wine trips in France on canal boats. Combine wine tasting with canal boating and add a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and a new business venture, Savvy Nomad Tasting & Tours, is born.

But, as people who like to experiment, once we felt comfortable in our new venture of wine tours, we knew it was time to change things up. We have had a long time dream of traveling the planet more extensively than we have in the past. A sailboat seemed like a perfect fit for us.

So here we find ourselves, in 2017, in the Pacific Northwest, cramming as much new knowledge as we possibly can into our exhausted brains. We found a wonderful boat: a Spencer 53 - much bigger than we intended to buy - but boy, is this boat capable. Much more capable than we are at this point. We are learning about sailing, tides, currents, rules and regulations on the water in Washington and in Canada, how to anchor, how to maneuver in a marina, what to do with trash, how to cook in a rocking kitchen, how to resupply when all you have on land is your feet, and all kinds of other new things.

We are a bit overwhelmed, but we are NOT bored!

Next Steps...

Our original plan had us sailing up the inside passage to Alaska within a few months of buying our boat. HA! We've had to reassess a little. Our first few months were taken up with leak stoppage, working on deferred maintenance, and learning the boat's systems. Now that it is finally getting nice enough to sail, we can go out and practice with our sails. It's likely that we will stay in the Gulf Islands and San Juan's this year and try for Alaska next year.